Blue Apron

Blue Apron


As Blue Apron grew to over $1B/yr in revenue over just 4 years, their supply chain management, purchasing, and menu creation software software became slow, brittle, and overly complex.


We coordinated with Blue Apron’s culinary, purchasing, BI, quality control and IT teams to sort through a variety of technical and business challenges they faced, and to develop new system requirements. We then redesigned aspects of the purchasing, receiving, and recipe creation workflows, and built real-time collaborative mobile web and desktop apps to support and automate different parts of that workflow.


The new system resulted in a dramatic increase in productivity, visibility into many new BI metrics, and significant savings for Blue Apron.

“Blackbird redesigned some of our most complex and inefficient internal workflows then built amazing software that dramatically increases our business intelligence and saves us millions in workflow and food costs per year. They’ve been amazing to work with and have impressed everyone at Blue Apron with their strategic collaboration, design thinking, and technical proficiency.”

Inna Alecksandrovich
Director of Supply Chain Strategy and Operations
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