JHU Advanced Physics Laboratory

JHU Advanced Physics Laboratory


JHU APL has been a leader in technical innovation since before WWII. To maintain that advantage, a significant update to their collaborative processes was necessary.


Working with APL’s internal teams to understand their processes for creation and collaboration in meetings and in other team activities, we focused on designing a system for facilitating innovation through greater inclusiveness and diversity of thought.


We created “Sparks,” an internal web and mobile tool for project teams to create, share, and collaborate. Sparks was deployed to APL’s internal network, managing a variety of high security considerations and technologies.

“We had an idea for an application, but not the time or people to make it happen. Our timeline for delivery was…short. Blackbird Studios partnered with our team to not only develop the software application we imagined, but refine the concept and develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure that the internal application is adopted and successful. Alex, Steve, and the team integrated seamlessly into our existing project, helped design a comprehensive solution and then rapidly brought that idea to life.”

John Burke
Chief Engineer