There are actually a lot of good dev shops in this world.

But to be successful, you need a lot more than good code from your development partner.  Blackbird has been thoughtfully designed, battle-tested, and lovingly refined through many years of collective experience to reliably deliver not only great code, but the specific additional services, expertise, team, approach, and processes that are essential for your success.

Our formula
Design DNA
As engineers, deeply rooted in Human Centered Design, we’re uniquely expert in partnering with the best, most ambitious, design teams in the world.
CTO Leadership
Blackbird Project CTOs navigate technical and organizational complexity, collaborate in prioritization discussions, and creatively facilitate tough technical, business, and UX tradeoffs.
Build Measure Learn
We’ve mastered the iterative process of refining software by launching, experimenting, and carefully measuring user feedback and behaviors in the wild. This is HCD post launch.
Capabilites Building
Long term, you need your own amazing product team. Our CTO team works with clients to build self-sufficient, cross discipline technical teams through hands-on and CTO-led positioning, hiring, training, and embedding.

The result

The Ultimate Deliverable

Blackbird’s services and expertise are specifically designed to leave clients with robust and scalable software, a product that really clicks with users, and their own world class team that can successfully carry forward ongoing product evolution.
Areas of Expertise
  • CTO-level Tech Leadership
  • AI/ML Data Engineering
  • IoT/Connected Devices
  • Mobile and Web
  • Backend Services
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • UX Testing
  • Security
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Accessibility (a11y)
  • Release Planning/Deployments
  • Tier 1 Maintenance & Support
  • Govt, Education, Medical
  • Startups
  • Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, React/RN, .Net, Elixir/Phoenix, Node.js, Swift, Flutter