Gimme Radio

Gimme Radio


Gimme Radio’s had a vision: blend the best of traditional terrestrial, curated, and expert radio with modern streaming audio, user-centered design, and social interactions. Blackbird’s role was to turn that vision into a reality.


As this project involved the combination of several technical domains in unprecedented ways, the solution required handling a series of tough technical challenges and the creation of several new tools and integrations.


Gimme is a thriving online community built on a unique radio experience that is beautiful, feature-rich, usable, and defines the cutting edge for online radio. Features include chat, streaming radio, program scheduling, synchronized content presentation, ecomm, and rich profiles for Gimme’s industry-famous DJs. Equally significant is the less-visible work on extensive workflow tooling for content team and high-availability services and monitoring.

“Few other partners could have succeeded in building Gimme Radio. Our vision necessitated the combination of multiple domains of tools and expertise which resulted in a multitude of unforeseeable technical challenges. Blackbird is a unique combination of proactive problem solvers, entrepreneurs, creative coders, and experience that you need to succeed on complex projects.”

Jon Maples
VP of Product
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