Swiss Life

Swiss Life


Swiss Life recognized an opportunity to align their brand and product storytelling across the sales consultants tasked with representing them with the use of a new, intuitive, and consistent sales application experience – moving away from outdated use of paper forms that resulted in inefficient data storage, usage, and accessibility for Swiss Life and potentially contributed to a high turnover rate in the sales consultant position.


Working across time zones and in a non-native language environment, a Blackbird team implemented and deployed a modern web app that allows consultants to follow a structured storytelling path, easily collect and store data, and synthesize it into automatically generated personalized reports and projections for potential clients.

Long-term success required the resultant codebase to be closely aligned with Swiss Life software technologies, best practices, devops, and project management tooling.  We collaborated closely with Swiss Life and embedded members of their team during our planning and development work to ensure a seamless transition of ownership.


The launch of SwissLife’s new online self-service user experience or as they say, “die Beratungstool” was widely praised by users, rated 8.8 on a scale from “no, thanks.” to “WOW!”.  The internal Swiss Life development teams successfully were onboarded to the new application and are currently maintaining this work independently.

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