Through work with IDEO.org, Water.org had identified a huge opportunity to increase the pool of funds available to their micro-loans planform by creating a consumer savings account product in which user “lazy” capital could be used to fund loans for increasing water access, instead of investment by banks in products less aligned with their ethics.

Water.org wanted to take this product market but recognized they didn’t have the internal expertise in production software, product management, or iterative user testing to overcome significant technical and user acquisition challenges.


Blackbird collaborated closely with IDEO.org and Water.org to launch an MVP, then refine through a series of Build, Measure, Learn sprints, a mobile application that provided real savings accounts, expansive integrations with banks across the US, and a compelling, highly visual experience for communicating the social impact of user savings.

In parallel we worked closely with Water.org to define long-term product team needs, a plan for developing that team, direct support in interviewing and hiring, and onboarding new employees and long-term service providers.


A beautiful, engaging, and scalable fundraising platform for iOS and Android.  This product is currently in beta.

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